I have bought a 6.3mm diamond with PNJ certificate, is it PNJ Diamond or not?

PNJLab is an independent company founded in 1996, owned by Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company. 15 years operated in the field of assessing service, PNJ professional assessing team, with modern technology and equipment based on the international testing standards, and PNJ assessing quality is based on the best research institute in the world.


  • Diamond Certification – Expertise & Consultant.
  • Consultant & Expertise in gemstones, semi-gemstones.
  • Consultant & Expertise in gold, silver, precious metals, precious metals.
  • Diamond engraving according to customer requirements.

The needs of over 10,000 customers each year participating in the assessment of PNJ services, all private enterprises as well as customers can bring the products (diamonds, gemstones, semi-gemstones) to test the quality.

However, it does not mean that the product having PNJ certification sold from PNJ system.